Hear what some of our satisfied clients have to say about Bancin Business Services.

"I have known Julie Percha for over 20 years.  During that time she has advised me and helped me expand to two very successful George's Restaurants in Waco, Texas.  Bancin is extremely professional, knowledgeable, time efficient, patient, and trustworthy.  I have recommended her services to many businesses in Central Texas and in Dallas as well.  They are great!"

Sammy Citrano, Owner of George's Restaurants - Waco, TX

"This day and age, software is available for anyone to do bookkeeping.  May take some time but you can do it.  On the other hand, I've found someone who has not just relieved a burden off my deskload of stuff to do, but who helps me to keep it organized and easy to track.  Julie Percha and her staff have been like family to me for over 15 years.  They keep me on time with my payroll and checks each week and go out of their way to provide that personal touch to a business.  So put away the software and piles of paperwork and bring Julie and her team to your company to make your life easier and make new friends as well."

Dr. Jeff Bauer, DDS - Waco, TX

"Julie and Bancin staff have done my bookkeeping for the past 12 years.  Not only do they keep my books, they fill out quarterly reports, create job cost reports on my construction jobs, and create financials for my bank.  They have always been accessible and reliable which frees me of administrative duties to better run my construction business."

Gary Hart, Owner of Hart & Associates Builders - Waco, TX

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